Teaching our students how to learn is just as important as teaching them what to learn. Rather than simply loading their memory with the thoughts of others, we try to encourage all our students to think for themselves, and to ask questions as well as to provide answers.

To stretch the minds of our students and to keep them interested in their own education, we strive to make the classes as interactive and varied as possible. Different methods are used by different teachers who share the same objective – getting the best out of each student.

We understand that our students need to take responsibility for their own learning to be ready for university and the challenges ahead. We nurture self-motivated students who are used to working independently and whose genuine interest in their subjects makes them life-long learners.

We aim to provide the best possible education we can to each and every one of our students, individually tailoring each student’s curriculum to meet their own personal needs. With the highest teacher to student ratio of all leading international schools in Colombo, we are committed to providing all students with the individual attention they require. No student is too much trouble; no student is left ignored in the corner; no student is given up on. We expect every student to give their best at all times and give them all the help they need to ensure they do.