Students have Art lessons as part of the curriculum throughout the Junior School and in Forms 1-3 at the Senior School. Many students also choose to take the subject at IGCSE where they have to learn about the work of great artists of the past and to develop their own style in order to submit a portfolio and prepare for a final examination. Art is also a very popular club activity in both schools, with students learning a variety of artistic skills and using a wide range of materials.

Inter House Art

In the annual Senior School Inter House Art competition, each House is given a space and has to choose a theme for their exhibition and organise Art by both individuals and groups based on it. This gives the students free rein to experiment and let their imaginations run wild. Work has ranged from a whole wall of clocks and watches to portray the relentless march of time to an exhibition using only discarded items and rubbish – including a whole fashion line made from bin bags – to highlight the amount of waste in the modern world.

Art & Design Exhibition

The culmination of the students’ artistic and design endeavours over the year is the annual Art & Design Exhibition at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery, which is always opened by a famous figure from the world of Art and Design. Every child from the Junior School – and all Senior School students who do Art – has work displayed and the results are never short of spectacular. The quality of the work on display is testimony both to the talent of all the students and the inspiration and creativity of all the Art teachers at both schools. The variety, colour, originality and vision on show always astound our guests.