The stage experience gained by our students in
Assemblies and Drama lessons from a young age means that many are already confident and gifted
actors and actresses by the time they act in their first play. The students always work
exceptionally hard to produce slick and entertaining performances and the Junior School has staged
some truly memorable productions over the years, such as Butterfly Shoes, Bluebeard and 1001 Arabian

At the Senior School, students have the
opportunity to stretch themselves as actors through challenging roles in serious drama. The school
has put on numerous ground-breaking productions that have both entertained audiences and made them
think about important issues, whether the play has been Greek tragedy (Antigone) or a modern classic
like The Crucible. After this, it is little surprise that many of our students have continued to
shine on stage both at university and after.

The annual Inter House Drama competition at the
Senior School is always one of the highlights of the year, with scripts having ranged from
Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde to Fawlty Towers and Blackadder. The students are, of course,
responsible for the entire production themselves, from set, props and costumes to programmes and
lights and sound. The huge amount of work and effort that goes in only adds to the excitement of the
night itself and the sense of achievement felt by the House Captains, casts and crews