Music and Dance

The Junior School Choir has long been a favourite of the many students who enjoy learning new songs, actions and simple dances. An Infant Choir has also recently been formed, giving more opportunities to the younger members of the school. Members of both Choirs have the opportunity to participate in public performances at events such as Assembly and Founders’ Day.

When they come to the Senior School, singers can join the school’s four-part Choir and learn to sing in harmony. The Senior School Choir is being led by one of Colombo’s best known Choir leaders and its repertoire ranges across multiple genres, from Classical to Gospel to Pop. There is also a Chamber Choir for selected singers, which is renowned for its stunning a capella performances.

The Junior School Dance Club has a well-earned reputation for show-stealing performances at Simply The Best and other events. Members learn a variety of dance styles including Kandyan, Jazz, Baila, Tamil and Rock & Roll and also have the opportunity to create their own dance moves to a variety of music styles. At the Senior School, students learn Latin and Ballroom dances as well as cutting-edge Contemporary and Hip-Hop routines, many choreographed by the students themselves.

Inter House Music

This annual competition pits the Houses against each other in solo and group singing, dancing and instrumental categories. The variety of performances is astounding: one might see traditional Bharata Natyam followed by popping and robot dancing. One year, a performer went straight from a stunning rendition of Rachmaninoff on the piano to playing a Metallica song in a guitar battle! What makes the event so special though is the teamwork and unity: not only the students co-operation on their performances with members of their own House but their readiness to cheer on their competitors too.


The Senior School’s annual concert is one of the most anticipated events of the year. The pioneering combination of different dance genres and live music with choral and solo singing has made the shows famous in Colombo. Revolve, for example, took the audience from the Jazz Age to the 21st century, beginning with the Charleston in the Roaring Twenties and ending with futuristic dances that amazed those watching with special effects and
technological wizardry. Victory, which used brilliantly original choreography to portray different sports through dance, was called ‘the best school concert I have ever seen’ by the reviewer from The
Nation newspaper.

The professionalism of the productions makes it hard to believe the performers are so young, with stunning costumes, state-of the-art sound and lighting effects and lightning fast scene and costume changes. This is all the more impressive considering that almost everything is done by the students themselves: they come up with the theme, design the posters and publicity, choose and arrange the songs, and choreograph all the dancing. Often over half the school is involved in some way, including as many as seventy appearing on